3. React

… and interact with your home and outdoor environment for a more active lifestyle that meets you were you are now.

Natural movement

The human body is designed to be active, strong and flexible.

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde @armedshutter

Moving your body is crucial for good gut health. Deep movement of the diaphragm naturally stimulates peristalsis [the squishing of food through the gut] in the small intestine, helping to move the food through and on to the next stage of digestion.

The ZM Personalized Transformation Program includes activities that take advantage of opportunities to react and interact with your environment – at home and outdoors – that suits you as an individual and meets you where you are.

Strength with flexibility

The Zenith Method has teamed up with Carrie from FLOW LIFE YOGA to put together a simple ‘digestion-balancing’ exercise plan, which can be performed at beginner level right up to advanced.

It is based on yoga – a wonderful form of exercise because it can be performed whatever the weather, at any time of day and at any level.

It generates strength with flexibility, maintaining vitality as we move through life into our middle years and beyond.

Carrie has designed a unique ‘flow’ exercise sequence designed to restore balance to the digestive system.