5. Repopulate

… your digestive system with good microbes that keep your gut in balance.

A healthy large intestine is full of a wide diversity of ‘good microbes’. These not only help to keep our gut tissues happy, but they also make substances that are beneficial to our general health.

A less that perfectly healthy diet – particularly one high in sugar and processed foods – can lead to unbalanced gut microbes, and this can cause inflammation and digestive distress.

Healthy microbiome – healthy you!

The scientific research is clear – we need lots of different types of microbes in our digestive system for optimum health. The cultures on earth with the longest ‘healthspan’ – the so-called ‘Blue Zones’, have diverse microbiomes.

Those of use with less than perfect digestion need to get the balance back. But how?

Getting balance back

Balance: Photo by Jeremy Thomas @jeremythomasphoto

An easy way to restore balance is through supplementation.

Although eating ‘live’ yoghurt or taking probiotic capsules will help but kinda underestimates the complexity of the gut microbiome.

Effectively tackling unbalanced microbes requires a more sophisticated approach. Combined with the diverse fruits and vegetables receommended on the ‘Restore’ part of the program, specific probiotics are used to repopulate your digestive system with a diverse balance of microbes.