About Dr Sian

Hi! I’m Dr Sian.

I am completely fascinated by the digestive system and how this affects all aspects of our wellbeing – both body and mind. I love to share this knowledge with anyone who is interested in improving their digestive wellness!

With a 20-year editorial career in science publishing, I am skilled distilling and simplifying complex scientific advances into bite-sized chunks. I am currently a Senior Commissioning Editor for a highly cited scientific journal in the Nature Research portfolio.

I am integrating my scientific knowledge with the insight gained through sorting out my own digestive issues to create The Zenith Method program for optimising gut health. My wish is that through this blog and the Zenith Method program, I can help others to achieve optimal digestive wellness.

A looooonnng journey to wellness

I’ve spent many years battling gut issues and severe fatigue caused by an undiagnosed parasite infection and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (‘SIBO’).  When the medical profession could not help, I used my knowledge of human physiology and a ‘deep dive’ into the latest scientific research into gut health and disease to ‘biohack’ my way back to health. The insight gained from this transformation served as the inspiration and foundation of The Zenith Method, which provides a structured protocol to re-align our diet and lifestyle with our body and mind for gut healing and optimum digestive health.

I have a broad knowledge of brain, gut and metabolic health and how diet and lifestyle are powerful tools to restore – and maintain – optimal wellbeing.  I bring much-needed critical insight and scientific rigour to the wellness space.

My educational background

I hold a PhD and MPhil from the University of Cambridge. I am a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach and knowledgeable in the fields of pharmacology, neuroscience and gut health.