The Zenith Method is a systematic and holistic approach to digestive health. It’s based on 5 elements that tackle 5 key diet and lifestyle areas that influence digestion.

By following Zenith Method principles, you will not only support any digestive problems you have, but move towards the ultimate goal: optimum health.

How exciting is that?!

Suffering in silence…

1 in 5 people in the West have digestive issues – abdominal pain, constipation of diarrhea or both. Most of us suffer in silence – well, it’s embarrasing, right?

But when our digestion is good, we feel amazing ready to conquer the world. When our digestion is strong we are able to reach our own personal Zenith – the peak of what we are capable of as individuals!

My story

Over the past few years, I’ve turned my own digestive health around from severe IBS (‘irritable bowel syndrome’) and what I can only describe as deep, crushing fatigue to strong digestion and vitality. Read more here.

Having restored my health by using my scientific background to ‘biohack’ my own health issues and working with fantastic alternative therapists, I now want to use my knowledge and insight help others – you – to reach optimal gut health – and to reach your own personal Zenith, whatever that looks like for you.

Your journey to digestive health starts here.

So, you’ve made the decision to tackle your digestive issues – you’re ready, committed and open to new ideas.

What next?

It is crucial to always start by visiting your doctor to rule out bowel disease (this includes coeliac disease, Crohns, ulcerative colitis, bowel cancer, etc).

I recommended that you work with a practitioner, such as a nutritionist, nutritional therapist or naturopath.

The Zenith Method can support you through your recovery by helping you to understand better how your diet and lifestyle affect your digestion. It also gives you range of tools and approaches to support and optimize your gut health.

The ZM Core Principle

Yup, there’s that ‘alignment’ word again.

Working out what foods are ‘in harmony’ with our own personal digestive system is so important – not easy: there can be a delay between eating and symptoms, so it’s hard to work out what the culprits are. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed – I certainly did for years.

What made the difference was having a basic understanding of what was going on, and a system – an organized, structured process – that took me step by step through the healing process.

The ZM blog aims to share the understanding I have gained over the years with others so they can better understand their own health. I truly hope you find it helpful!

Secret sauce of digestive health: its all about harmony!

In order to bring your diet and lifestyle back into balance with your body and mind, it is crucial to meet your digestive health where it is now.

Boy, do I know how frustrating (and tedious) it is to always only eat foods that don’t create problems!

But we have to meet our digestion where it’s at now to allow healing and recovery to start – otherwise, we’re just aggravating the problem over and over…

Ready to get started?

To get yourself started, why not begin by checking out the diet and lifestyle section of the ZM blog?

To find out more detail on how the Zenith Method works, click here.

For more about my background and credentials, click here!

Zenith Method Program – launching January 2021

I am currently working on a structured program based on Zenith Method principles that will allow me to provide you with personalized guidance and support in the context of a step-by-step program. Let’s work on taking you towards your best digestive health together!

Reach your personal Zenith!


January 2021!

Aimed at those of us (me included) who tend to benefit from having one-to-one support from a practitioner and a personalised, structured plan to follow that takes into account your individual preferences and lifestyle.

You can use the contact us form below to add your name to the trial-client waiting list [at a reduced fee! Yay!]. In the meantime – enjoy my free-to-read ZM blog posts!