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Does nature make us happy?

With Spring about to burst, it is worth taking a  moment to act on we know intuitively [and science has proven]… Time spent in nature – even urban parks – can make us happier and healthier. Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…. In some ways, I love the romance of this time of year. The […]

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Instant Turmeric Latte Mix (vegan, sugar-free)

Choc full on anti-inflammatory, antioxidant curcumin and energy-boosting MCTs but without the sugar that you find in store-bought turmeric latte mixes. Beat the mid-afternoon munchies with a cosy mug of this so-quick-to-make recipe! It’s important to always take some black pepper with your turmeric as this radically increases the ‘bioavailability’ (the ability of your digestive […]